"Music in my blood"

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“With you, throughout your musical journey”


Nearly a decade ago we started The Guitar Shop, and ever since the establishment we’ve been able to embark as a leading destination for musical instruments, gear and exclusive contents to help you discover the sound that you’re looking for. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, we are looking forward to serve you and be a part of your musical journey. Hop into the store, find a instrument that you desire, experience it, and then decide whether or not you want  it. We’ll be there helping you find the instrument you could connect to, with no compromises in both quality and affordability.


We today are the sole distributors of 28 international brands, all which have been getting massive recognition and support. With an intention of serving all the thriving musicians throughout the country, we are now launching our 5th outlet outside the valley. Currently we have our branches located in Chabahil, Ason, Naya Bazar and Jawalakhel. Along with this, we have introduced warranty services in all our musical items - which footstep is now followed in the musical industry. In which term it wouldn’t be wrong to state that we’re the pioneers in bringing change, and adding value to the existing musical industry with our affordable price range, and artist-endorsed workshop sessions.


Driven by our motto, “Music in my blood” along with the love and support we’ve been receiving from all the music lovers and enthusiasts, we stand here: long way from home, and a way to move forth.


Visit The Guitar Shop, if you’ve not visited us yet and let us do our magic of bringing out the musician hidden inside of you.


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