Band 1974 AD & Their Legacy

A Nepali rock band that is mostly famous for experimenting with numerous music genres like folk, ragas, rock, funk, blues, and jazz, “1974 AD” is highly triumphant in reaching millions of hearts. The band “1974 AD” was formed in Kathmandu during the early 1990s. Their divergence in music theme and composition along with their inclusion of most of the genres is what makes the band unique. People admire their lyrical composition as much as they admire their music, they have become the most successful band in Nepal with classic hits like Parelima, Chudaina Timro Mayale, Samjhi Baschu, Sambodhan, and more. 

The lyrical composition of the band is also quite different from other contemporary bands of Nepal, along with the time the band decided on delivering songs that related more to common people. Rather than just highlighting romantic aspects of life, the band depicts Nepali moralities, allegiance, nationalism, and the connotation of unity. 

Talking about the origination of the band, it was formed in the early 90s by a group of three school teachers in Lalitpur, Nepal. Phiroj Shyangden, Nirakar Yakthumba, and Bhanu A together took the initiation and decided on establishing a band together. 

During their initial phase of establishment, they were mainly inclined to playing covers of music genres like hard rock, heavy metal, rock, and blues. Little by little, they started to play gigs and bars in Kathmandu and they usually covered songs of Bryan Adams, Deep Purple, and other rock bands. Apart from just performing covers, they also created their music and began to perform those self-composed tunes. With time, there occurred changes in the band’s line ups, gradually during the late 90s Adrian Pradhan joined as the drummer/vocalist and Manoj KC joined as the guitarist. 

As already mentioned, the band together started to compose lyrics that evoked a sense of unity and warmth among Nepalese and also ignited a powerful emotion of patriotism through their ecstatic word composition. The concoction of Nepali virtues and individuality with western blues and rock was what led the band towards building a place for itself among the best bands of Nepal. 

It was almost six years that the band remained passive. Then, the band had again come up with new lineups and recorded a fresh studio album. The most celebrated Adrian Pradhan and Phiroj Shyangden had to leave the band due to their reasons. Because of which the main vocalist/frontman of the band was replaced by Rohit John Chettri. Furthermore, other new members, Prajwal Mukhiya joined the band as a pianist and Jacko Wacko and Pratik Baniya at trumpet and trombone.

Their new album “Hajar Sapana ” was a success and the band together went on a US tour and on the WAVE ‘Rock The Nation’ Tour to endorse and publicize the album. Needless to say, the album came to be the biggest marketable hit. After that, the band released a song called ‘Pirai Pir’ that depicted and reflected all the stories of those who suffered during the extensive earthquake of Nepal (2015). Again, they were able to win each heart of the listeners as their song described how one can rise again after the fall with strong willpower and determination.

According to the Hits FM of Nepal, 

Most of the albums of the band are ranked among the top ten best-selling albums.

Also, during their concert “Rock Yatra” in 2000, their concert, ‘Rock Yatra,’ more than 60,000 people were there to watch them perform which was the largest audience of the concert in Nepal.


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