HD Music Project

HD Music Project Band is one of the inventive bands among emerging music bands. The band made their debut with an instrumental track “The Rock Box”.The instrumental track premiered on Youtube on Nov 12, 2020, along with an official music video. The band HD is predominantly influenced by the 80s and 90s rock genre. 

After listeners enjoyed the initial debut track, the HD band is releasing a new track “twenty-twenty”(2020), which is also immensely inspired by the 80s and 90s rock era. The new track will be releasing anyday this month.

The band consists of three members: Hari kunwar along with drummer Sanjeet Tuladhar and bassist Shyam Maharjan. They decided on forming the perfect concoction of 90s rock along with some modern transitions.The first debut track “The Rock Box” is certainly a promising attempt to enable listeners to relive the 80s and 90s era in this modern 21st century.

The band together started up a project named after the “Hari Dai project”(HD) with a major intention of reflecting the 80s rock aesthetics in a much more energetic and dynamic version. The encompassment of intensity and passion at a whole other level is what makes the HD much special. 

The band is abundantly driven by their passion as they have flawlessly converted their imaginativeness into the electric rock in their debut track.

Hari Kunwar, a self instructed musician who began to set foot upon his musical career as a keyboardist at such a young age. He believed in himself and started to pursue what he loved the most, music. 

He played guitar at the age of 12 so fluently. Gradually, Hari Kunwar mastered the instrument as he completed his Diploma. Just his wholeheartedness at what he performed and practiced led him into now forming a band which is at the initial staircase of a professional music career. 

The continuous rehearsal and commitment helped him open all the doors of creativity and now, he is here with his emerging band to astonish his listeners with the seasoning of his intense electric tunes.

In conversation with Hari Kunwar , he also exclaimed that other instrumental tracks for the album “The Rock Box” are now on the way to come. As mentioned before, the second instrumental track is releasing soon. The promo of the song will be out anytime. All the listeners adoring his first debut track are looking forward in hearing his new instrumental track “twenty twenty” .


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