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The ARIA ADW-01CE BK is a semi-acoustic guitar produced by ARIA, a well-known musical instrument manufacturer. This model combines the characteristics of an acoustic and electric guitar, offering versatility for various playing styles and settings.

Body Style and Construction: The ADW-01CE BK features a dreadnought-style body, which is known for its full and balanced sound projection. The body is constructed with a combination of tonewoods such as a solid spruce or laminate top, and mahogany or other suitable woods for the back and sides.

Cutaway Design: The guitar typically includes a cutaway design, allowing easy access to higher frets and enhancing playability, especially for lead guitarists or those who enjoy playing solos.

Electronics: The ADW-01CE BK is equipped with built-in electronics, usually including a pickup and preamp system. This allows the guitar to be connected to an amplifier or PA system for amplified sound during live performances or recording sessions.

Neck and Fretboard: The guitar’s neck is typically made from mahogany or other suitable woods, providing stability and durability. The fretboard is commonly made of rosewood or other similar materials, offering a smooth playing surface.

Bridge and Saddle: The guitar’s bridge is typically made of rosewood or a similar material, providing a stable anchor for the strings. The saddle, which supports the strings at the bridge, is commonly made of bone or synthetic materials.

Sound and Playability: The ADW-01CE BK semi-acoustic guitar offers a warm and balanced acoustic sound when played unplugged. When connected to an amplifier or PA system, the built-in electronics allow for amplified sound with control over volume and tone. The guitar’s playability is often enhanced by its comfortable neck profile and well-finished fretwork.

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