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Alice Electric Guitar String A506 – 5TH String

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  • -Bright sound: Imported stainless steel wire naked string, which is of sound bright,strong penetrating power,rich overtone,This product is coated with phosphor bronze as the winding material. -Wide use: Suitable for 36-40 inch guitar.-Beautiful and wear-resisting: the bead head is made of high-grade metal and make it color uniform, beauty, wear-resisting and Proof Pressure-Outstanding quality: from the third to the sixth strings, the outer winding 80/20 bronze through the surface chemical treatment then Plating another layer of protective film, both to ensure the sound quality and reach the bright appearance, anti-rust and durable purposes.-Stainless steel wire,with very high strength limit and elastic limit, anti-fatigue, creep resistance, good toughness, smooth and clean surface, anti-rust ability, excellent music performance.-Proprietary Environmental anti-rust coated copper alloy,oxidation resistance,4-5 times long operating life than ordinary strings.

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