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The Alto Live 802 is a compact mixer designed for live sound applications. It features a total of eight channels, including four mono channels and two stereo channels.

The four mono channels offer XLR inputs with switchable phantom power, allowing you to connect microphones or line-level sources such as instruments or playback devices. The two stereo channels provide both 1/4-inch TRS and RCA inputs for connecting line-level sources like keyboards, media players, or other stereo devices.

Each mono channel on the Live 802 has a three-band EQ (Low, Mid, High) for shaping the sound of individual sources. Additionally, each channel features a gain control, pan control, and a dedicated FX/Aux send control for applying effects or sending audio to external devices like monitors.

The Live 802 includes 256 onboard Alesis DSP effects, which can be applied to any channel using the FX/Aux send control. The effects include various reverb, delay, chorus, and other modulation effects to enhance your mix.

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