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The TS315S features a 15-inch high-excursion woofer specifically designed to deliver deep and impactful bass frequencies. It adds depth and richness to your sound, making it suitable for various applications such as live performances, DJ setups, and installations.

The subwoofer is powered, meaning it has a built-in amplifier. The TS315S offers a peak power rating of 2000 watts and a continuous power rating of 1000 watts, providing robust and punchy bass performance.

The TS315S has a wide frequency response that extends down to as low as 35 Hz. This ensures that it can reproduce the lowest frequencies accurately, adding depth and fullness to your sound system.

The subwoofer offers various connectivity options for seamless integration into your audio setup. It has stereo XLR inputs and outputs, as well as stereo 1/4-inch TRS inputs and outputs, allowing you to easily connect it to your mixer, other speakers, or audio devices.

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