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The Alto Professional TS318S is a powered subwoofer designed to deliver powerful low-frequency reinforcement in sound systems.

The TS318S is an active subwoofer, which means it has a built-in power amplifier. This eliminates the need for an external amplifier and simplifies setup.

The subwoofer features an 18-inch high-excursion woofer specifically designed to produce deep and impactful bass response.

The TS318S has a peak power rating of 2000 watts and a continuous power rating of 1000 watts. It offers high-powered performance, providing rich and extended low-frequency reproduction.

The subwoofer offers a frequency response range of 37 Hz to 97 Hz, ensuring powerful and accurate bass reproduction.

The TS318S provides versatile connectivity options. It includes stereo inputs and outputs with full-range outputs for easy integration into existing sound systems.

The subwoofer offers adjustable controls for optimizing its performance to match the acoustics of the venue. These controls typically include volume control, low-pass filter control, polarity switch, and ground lift.

The TS318S is built with durability in mind. It features a rugged enclosure and a sturdy metal grille to protect the internal components during transportation and use.

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