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The Alto HG00640 is a high-frequency (HF) driver/tweeter designed for use in Alto Professional TS315 and TS312 speakers. It is a replacement driver specifically made for these models.

The HG00640 HF driver is designed to be compatible with the Alto TS315 and TS312 loudspeakers. It is intended as a direct replacement for the original HF driver in these models.

The HF driver is responsible for reproducing the high-frequency range of audio signals, delivering clear and detailed sound reproduction for vocals, instruments, and other high-frequency content.

As an official replacement part from Alto Professional, the HG00640 HF driver is designed to meet the same quality and performance standards as the original driver. It is engineered to deliver accurate and reliable high-frequency reproduction.

The HG00640 HF driver can be installed in the TS315 and TS312 speakers following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to ensure proper alignment and connection to ensure optimal performance.

If you are experiencing issues with the high-frequency driver in your Alto TS315 or TS312 speaker, the HG00640 replacement driver can be a suitable option to restore or improve the performance of your speaker’s high-frequency response.

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