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The ARIA 6-string guitar banjo is a unique instrument that combines elements of both a guitar and a banjo. It is designed to provide players with the characteristic sound of a banjo while maintaining the familiar feel and playability of a guitar.

The instrument typically features a banjo-style body with a guitar neck. The body is commonly made of resonant woods like mahogany or maple, while the neck is usually made of mahogany or other suitable materials.

The ARIA 6-string guitar banjo is equipped with six strings, similar to a standard guitar. This allows guitarists to easily transition to the banjo without having to learn new chord shapes or fingerings.

Many guitar banjos, including the ARIA model, come with a resonator. The resonator is a round back plate attached to the body, which enhances the instrument’s volume and projection.

The bridge and tailpiece on the guitar banjo are designed to accommodate guitar-style strings. The bridge transfers the string vibrations to the banjo head, while the tailpiece holds the strings in place and provides a point of attachment.

The ARIA 6-string guitar banjo produces a unique tone that combines the brightness and percussiveness of a banjo with the tonal characteristics of a guitar. It is well-suited for various music genres, including folk, country, bluegrass, and more.



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