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Aria ProII Guitalele AGU-160

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The Aria Pro II AGU-160 is a guitalele model produced by Aria Pro II. A guitalele is a hybrid instrument that combines the size and tuning of a ukulele with the six-string configuration of a guitar. It offers a unique and portable option for guitarists and ukulele players alike.

The AGU-160 guitalele typically features a small-sized body, similar to a ukulele, but with six strings tuned to A-D-G-C-E-A, which is equivalent to the tuning of a guitar when the strings are capoed on the 5th fret. This allows guitarists to play familiar chord shapes and scales while producing a higher-pitched sound. The body is often made of mahogany or other tonewoods, which can influence the overall tone and resonance of the instrument.

The neck of the AGU-160 is usually made of mahogany and is designed to accommodate the six strings and provide comfortable playability. The fingerboard is typically made of rosewood or other similar materials, featuring frets and markers for easy navigation.

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