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Bina Harmonium 17

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The Bina Harmonium is a portable keyboard instrument known for its intricate design and rich sound. It features a 17-octave range, double reed set, coupler function, multi-stop configuration, scale changer, and 5-fold bellows. With fine-tuning controls, it offers precise pitch adjustments. The instrument is durable, lightweight, and suitable for classical and devotional music.

17-Octave Range
Double Reed Set
Coupler Function
Multi-Stop Configuration
Scale Changer
5-Fold Bellows
Fine-Tuning Controls
Full-Size Keyboard
Ornate Design
Portable and Lightweight
Resonant Sound Projection
Harmonic Balance
Responsive Key Action
High-Quality Craftsmanship
Durable Construction
Velvet Cover for Protection
Suitable for Classical and Devotional Music

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