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Bina Harmonium 8

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A bina harmonium is a portable keyboard instrument used in various styles of music. It has a small keyboard, hand-pumped bellows, and stops to control the sound. It produces sound through metal reeds and often has drone notes for sustained tones. It is widely used in Indian classical, folk, and devotional music.
Specification :
Octave Range: The Bina Harmonium 8 typically has a keyboard with an octave range of eight, allowing for a wide range of notes to be played.
Double Reed Set: This harmonium is equipped with a double reed set, which produces a rich and resonant sound.
Coupler Function: The Bina Harmonium 8 features a coupler function that allows the player to activate multiple sets of reeds simultaneously, creating a fuller and more robust sound.
5-Fold Bellows: It is equipped with a 5-fold bellows mechanism, allowing for smooth and consistent airflow control while playing.
Multi-Stop Configuration: This harmonium model offers a variety of stops that can be engaged to modify the sound. Stops can be used to adjust the volume, tone, and sustain of the instrument.
Scale Changer: The Bina Harmonium 8 includes a scale changer mechanism, enabling the player to shift the tonal range of the instrument to different scales or pitches.
Fine-Tuning Controls: It has dedicated fine-tuning controls that allow for precise adjustments to the pitch of individual notes, ensuring accurate intonation.
Portable Design: The Bina Harmonium 8 is designed to be portable and easy to transport. It is typically compact in size, making it convenient for musicians who need to travel with their instrument.

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