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Blackstar Bass AMP – Unity Bass 120

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The Unity Bass 120 delivers 120 watts of power, making it suitable for a variety of gigging situations, from small venues to larger stages. It provides ample volume and headroom to handle different playing styles and genres.

The amplifier features a single custom-designed 12-inch speaker, engineered to deliver a balanced and full-range bass sound. The speaker is optimized to provide a tight low-end response, clear midrange, and smooth highs.

The Unity Bass 120 is equipped with a comprehensive set of tone-shaping controls. It features a 3-band EQ (bass, mid, treble) with Blackstar’s unique ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control, which allows you to dial in a wide range of tonal options, from vintage to modern bass sounds. It also includes a built-in compressor for added dynamic control.

The Unity Bass 120 offers a variety of built-in effects, including chorus, octaver, envelope filter, and overdrive. These effects can be easily accessed and adjusted using the dedicated Voice control knob, which allows you to blend in the desired amount of effect into your bass tone.

The Unity Bass 120 provides several response and tone options to tailor the amplifier’s character to your playing style. It features three unique Response modes (Linear, Modern, and Vintage) that affect the feel and response of the amplifier, as well as three distinct tone options (Classic, Modern, and Flat) to shape the overall tonal character.

The amplifier is equipped with a range of connectivity options, including an XLR DI output for direct connection to a mixing console or audio interface, an MP3/Line input for playing along with backing tracks, and an effects loop for integrating external effects pedals or processors.

The Unity Bass 120 is compatible with the Blackstar Unity Bass mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices). The app provides additional tone editing capabilities, access to an online community for sharing presets, and firmware updates for the amplifier.

The Unity Bass 120 is built with a robust and roadworthy design, ensuring durability and reliability for gigging musicians. It is constructed using high-quality materials to withstand the demands of live performances.

The Blackstar Unity Bass 120 is a powerful and feature-rich bass amplifier that offers a wide range of tonal possibilities, effects options, and connectivity features. Whether you’re performing on stage, recording in the studio, or practicing at home, the Unity Bass 120 provides the tools you need to shape your bass sound and deliver a powerful performance.

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