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Blackstar Bluetooth Audio receiver Tone link

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Link utilizes Bluetooth technology to establish a wireless connection between your audio source and the receiving device. It allows you to stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device to your amplifier or speaker system without the need for physical cables.

The Tone: Link features a simple and straightforward pairing process. You can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to the receiver by initiating the pairing mode and selecting the Tone: Link from the list of available devices on your device’s Bluetooth settings.

The Tone: Link is compatible with a wide range of audio devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. As long as your device supports Bluetooth audio streaming, you should be able to connect it to the Tone: Link.

The Tone: Link is designed to deliver high-quality audio transmission. While the audio quality can also depend on the capabilities of your source device and amplifier/speaker system, the Tone: Link aims to provide a reliable and clear wireless audio streaming experience.

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