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Blackstar Debut 15E

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The Debut 10E is a compact combo amplifier with 10 watts of power. It features a single 6.5″ speaker, which delivers the sound produced by the amplifier.

The Debut 10E is designed to be easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and players who want a straightforward practice amp. It typically has a minimal control layout, featuring knobs for volume, gain, EQ, and reverb.

The amplifier usually offers two channels: Clean and Overdrive. The Clean channel delivers a pristine and clear tone suitable for playing with a clean sound or adding pedals for different effects. The Overdrive channel provides a distorted tone, allowing you to play rock, blues, or other genres that require a grittier sound.

The amplifier can be powered using an AC power adapter, which is typically included with the amp. This makes it easy to plug in and play without the need for batteries.

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