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Blackstar Electric Guitar AMP-LT ECHO 10

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The Blackstar LT-Echo 10 is a 10-watt guitar amplifier combo from Blackstar Amplification. It is designed as a compact and portable amplifier that offers a range of features for practicing and small performances.


The LT-Echo 10 delivers 10 watts of power, making it suitable for practice sessions and small gigs. It is designed for lower volume settings, making it ideal for home use or practicing in smaller spaces.

It offers two distinct channels, Clean and Overdrive, allowing you to switch between different tonal characteristics. The Clean channel provides a crisp and clear sound, while the Overdrive channel offers a range of driven tones.

The amplifier includes Bass and Treble controls, allowing you to shape the tone to your preference. These EQ controls provide additional flexibility in tailoring the sound to match your guitar and playing style.

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