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Blackstar ID:260TVP

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The Blackstar ID:260TVP is a guitar amplifier from Blackstar’s ID:Series lineup. It is a versatile and powerful amplifier designed for various playing situations, including practice, studio recording, and live performances.

The ID:260TVP combines digital modeling technology with Blackstar’s True Valve Power (TVP) technology to deliver a wide range of tones and authentic valve-like response. While it is not a tube amplifier in the traditional sense, the TVP technology emulates the characteristics of different valve types, allowing you to customize the amp’s sound to your liking.

The ID:260TVP offers a substantial power rating of 260 watts, making it suitable for larger venues and stages. It features two 12-inch speakers that provide a full and rich sound with plenty of volume.

One of the key features of the ID:260TVP is its versatility. It offers a wide selection of amp models, ranging from clean and classic tones to high-gain distortion. The amplifier also includes a variety of built-in effects, such as modulation, delay, and reverb, to further shape your sound. You can store and recall your favorite settings using the programmable channels.

The ID:260TVP incorporates Blackstar’s ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control, which allows you to shape the tonal character of the amplifier. The ISF control provides a sweep able parameter that ranges from a more American-style voicing (tighter, more aggressive) to a British-style voicing (warmer, more mid-focused), giving you a broad tonal palette.

In terms of connectivity, the ID:260TVP offers an emulated output with cabinet simulation, enabling you to connect directly to a recording interface or mixer for silent recording or direct sound reinforcement. It also includes an MP3/Line input for playing along with external audio sources.

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