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Blackstar ID:CORE Stereo 10 V2

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The ID:CORE Stereo 10 V2 delivers 10 watts of power, making it suitable for practice and small performances. It features two stereo speakers for a wider soundstage.

It offers a variety of amp models that simulate different classic and modern amplifier sounds. These models cover a wide range of tones, including clean, crunch, overdrive, and high-gain options.

The amplifier includes a range of built-in effects and modulation options, such as delay, reverb, modulation effects (chorus, phaser, flanger), and more. These effects can be customized and saved as presets for easy recall.

The ID:CORE Stereo 10 V2 features Blackstar’s Super Wide Stereo technology, which creates an expansive soundstage by utilizing the two stereo speakers.

It has a USB port that allows you to connect the amplifier to a computer or recording device. This enables you to record your guitar directly into your preferred recording software or use the amplifier as an audio interface.

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