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Blackstar LT DUAL

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The Blackstar LT-DUAL is a dual-channel distortion pedal designed to provide versatile and high-gain tones for electric guitar. It is part of the Blackstar LT series of pedals, known for their quality sound and rugged construction.


The LT-DUAL features two separate channels, allowing you to switch between different distortion tones on the fly. Each channel has its own set of controls, providing flexibility in shaping the individual characteristics of the distortion.

Each channel of the LT-DUAL has dedicated Gain and Level controls. The Gain control adjusts the amount of distortion for each channel, while the Level control sets the output volume. This allows you to dial in the desired amount of distortion and ensure consistent volume levels between the two channels.

The pedal includes a shared Tone control that allows you to shape the overall tonal response of both channels. This control enables you to adjust the

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