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Blackstar LT METAL – Extreme Distortion

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The Blackstar LT METAL is an extreme distortion pedal designed for electric guitar players who desire high-gain and heavy metal tones. It is part of the Blackstar LT series of pedals, known for their versatility and tonal capabilities.

The LT METAL is specifically designed to deliver aggressive and high-gain distortion tones, making it suitable for genres like heavy metal, hard rock, and extreme styles of music.

The pedal features dedicated Gain and Tone controls, allowing you to shape and customize the character of the distortion to your preference. The Gain control adjusts the amount of distortion, while the Tone control shapes the overall tonal response.

Similar to other Blackstar products, the LT METAL includes the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control. This unique feature enables you to shape the overall tonal character of the pedal, ranging from scooped American-style tones to mid-focused British-style tones.

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