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Blackstar S1-104EL34 Valve Head

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The S1-104EL34 is a high-powered amplifier head that offers 100 watts of output power. It is designed to provide plenty of volume and headroom for live performances and recording situations.

The amplifier head utilizes EL34 power tubes to achieve its distinctive tone. EL34 tubes are known for their warm, dynamic, and British-flavored sound characteristics, often associated with classic rock and hard rock tones.

The S1-104EL34 features four independent channels, providing a wide range of tonal options. Each channel has its own set of controls, allowing you to customize the gain, EQ, and other parameters for different playing styles and musical genres.

Like other Blackstar amplifiers, the S1-104EL34 includes the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control. This unique feature allows you to shape the overall tonal character of the amplifier, ranging from tight and focused British tones to scooped and saturated American tones.

The amplifier head is equipped with an effects loop, allowing you to connect and integrate external effects pedals or processors into your signal chain. This enables you to add time-based effects such as delay and reverb, or modulation effects like chorus and flanger, to enhance your overall tone.

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