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Blackstar S1-412PRO B-CABNET

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The Blackstar S1-412 Pro B Guitar Amplifier Cabinet (model number BA109010-Z) is a 4×12 speaker cabinet designed to pair with Blackstar guitar amplifier heads. It is part of the Series One (S1) range of cabinets, known for their robust construction and high-quality sound reproduction.


  1. Speaker Configuration: The cabinet features four 12-inch speakers, typically designed to deliver a balanced and full-range sound. The specific model of the speakers may vary, but they are designed to complement the characteristics of Blackstar amplifiers and provide optimal tonal performance.
  2. Power Handling and Impedance: The S1-412 Pro B cabinet is built to handle high power levels, typically ranging from 240 to 300 watts or more, depending on the specific model. It is available in different impedance options, such as 4 ohms or 16 ohms, to match the requirements of various amplifier heads.

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