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Blackstar Unity Bass 60

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The Blackstar Unity Bass 60 is a 60-watt bass combo amplifier from the Unity Bass series by Blackstar. It is designed to provide powerful and versatile bass tones for rehearsals, live performances, and recording

Power and Speaker Configuration: The Unity Bass 60 delivers 60 watts of power through a custom-designed 10-inch speaker. This combination provides a balanced and full-range bass sound with ample volume and projection.

The amplifier features a comprehensive set of tone-shaping controls. It includes a 3-band EQ (bass, middle, treble) for adjusting the frequency response to shape your bass tone. The Unity Bass 60 also incorporates Blackstar’s ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control, allowing you to dial in a British-style or American-style tonal character.

The Unity Bass 60 offers three different Response modes (Linear, Modern, and Classic) that influence the feel and response of the amplifier. These modes provide versatility and flexibility to match your playing style and musical preferences.

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