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Boss CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal

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The Boss CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal is a popular guitar effects pedal designed to add a rich, shimmering chorus effect to your guitar tone.

The CH-1 creates a chorus effect by combining your guitar’s signal with a modulated, pitch-shifted version of itself. This produces a thick, lush sound that simulates multiple guitars playing simultaneously.

The pedal features four main control knobs:

    • Effect Level: Adjusts the overall level of the chorus effect.
    • EQ: Allows you to adjust the tonal characteristics of the chorus effect, emphasizing either high or low frequencies.
    • Rate: Controls the speed or rate of the modulation.
    • Depth: Adjusts the intensity or depth of the modulation effect.

      The CH-1 offers both mono and stereo output options. In mono mode, you can connect your guitar directly to your amplifier. In stereo mode, you can connect to two amplifiers or recording devices for a wider, more spacious sound.

      The CH-1 Super Chorus can be used with various musical styles and instruments, not just guitars. It works well with keyboards, bass guitars, and other electronic instruments to add depth and dimension to your sound.

      Like other Boss pedals, the CH-1 is known for its durable construction, making it suitable for gigging musicians and heavy use.

      The pedal can be powered using a 9-volt battery or an external AC adapter (sold separately).The CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal also includes an indicator LED that shows the pedal’s on/off status and battery life.

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