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Boss DD-3T Digital Delay

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The Boss DD-3T Digital Delay is a compact and versatile guitar effects pedal that provides a wide range of delay effects for guitarists.

The DD-3T offers digital delay effects, which provide precise and clear repeats of your guitar’s signal. It can create classic delay sounds as well as more modern and experimental delay effects.

The pedal features four control knobs:

    • Time: Adjusts the delay time, controlling how long it takes for the repeats to occur.
    • Feedback: Sets the number of repeats or the intensity of the feedback.
    • E.Level: Controls the level or mix of the delayed signal with the original signal.
    • Mode: The DD-3T has an additional mode switch that allows you to choose between standard delay mode and a new “Custom” mode with enhanced functionality.

      The DD-3T includes a built-in tap tempo switch, which allows you to set the delay time by tapping the switch with your foot. This feature enables you to sync the delay time with the tempo of your playing or a song.

      The pedal provides a delay time range of up to 800 milliseconds, allowing for short slapback echoes to longer, spacious delay effects.


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