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Boss Loop Station RC-3 Pedal

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The Boss Loop Station RC-3 is a compact and feature-rich looper pedal designed for guitarists and other musicians who want to create layered performances, practice their instrument, or experiment with loops and

The RC-3 allows you to record and loop audio phrases in real-time. It provides up to three hours of stereo recording time, allowing you to create complex and extended loops.

The pedal has stereo inputs and outputs, enabling you to connect stereo instruments, such as keyboards or stereo effects, for a spacious and immersive looping experience.

The RC-3 features built-in memory that can store up to 99 phrase loops, ensuring you can save and recall your favorite loops for future performances or practice sessions.

The pedal includes a USB port, which allows you to connect it to a computer. You can transfer audio files to and from the RC-3, as well as import and export WAV audio files to back up your loops or load pre-recorded backing tracks.

The RC-3 offers a built-in rhythm guide with various drum patterns and time signatures. This feature helps you stay in time while recording and performing loops, and it can also serve as a metronome for practice sessions.

The pedal provides control inputs for external footswitches or expression pedals. These allow you to control various functions of the RC-3 hands-free, such as starting/stopping recording, changing phrases, or adjusting the loop volume.

The RC-3 can be powered using a 9V battery or an optional AC adapter, providing flexibility for different performance situations.

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