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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

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The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone is a highly popular and distinctive guitar distortion pedal designed to deliver powerful and aggressive high-gain tones, specifically tailored for metal and heavy rock genres. It offers a wide range of tonal options and a versatile EQ section to shape your sound.

The MT-2 is known for its high-gain capabilities, providing intense and saturated distortion that’s ideal for heavy genres like metal, hard rock, and punk. It delivers a thick and aggressive tone with plenty of sustain.

The pedal features a unique three-band EQ section with dedicated controls for bass, middle, and treble frequencies. This allows you to shape the tonal character of your distortion, whether you want scooped mids for a modern metal sound or boosted mids for a more cutting tone.

The Metal Zone incorporates dual-gain stages, enabling you to blend two separate distortion circuits. This feature gives you added flexibility to create a wide range of tones, from tight and focused to more saturated and harmonically rich.

Like other Boss pedals, the MT-2 is built with rugged construction, making it durable and roadworthy. It features a sturdy metal chassis designed to withstand the demands of live performances and heavy use.

The pedal includes standard level and gain controls, allowing you to adjust the overall volume and intensity of the distortion effect. The gain control lets you dial in the amount of distortion saturation, while the level control adjusts the output level to match the overall volume of your setup.

The MT-2 offers dual outputs, allowing you to connect to two separate destinations. This feature is particularly useful for running your signal to different amplifiers or for connecting to a mixing console and an amplifier simultaneously.

While primarily designed for metal and heavy rock, the MT-2 can also be used for other genres that require high-gain distortion. It can be employed with both electric guitars and bass guitars, as well as other instruments or even in studio settings.


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