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Cajon Bag – Padded

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A cajon bag is a specialized carrying case designed to hold and transport a cajon, which is a percussion instrument similar to a drum. The bag is typically made of high-quality, durable material that can withstand wear and tear, and it features a padded interior to protect the cajon from scratches and other damages during transportation.

The bag comes with adjustable straps that allow for comfortable and convenient carrying of the cajon, and it may have one or more pockets to hold accessories such as drum keys, brushes, and other small items. The reinforced stitching ensures that the bag can hold the weight of the cajon and withstand the stresses of transportation, while the zipper closure ensures that the cajon is securely enclosed and protected from the elements.

Features of Nepal made Cajon bag
  • Padded interior
  • Adjustable straps
  • Durable material
  • Multiple pockets
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Zipper closure

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