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Casio Digital keyboard CTK-2550

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The Casio CTK-2550 is a digital keyboard designed for beginners and casual players. It offers a range of features to help users learn and play music.


It has 61 full-size keys, which provide a similar playing experience to an acoustic piano. The keys are touch-sensitive, meaning they respond to the player’s touch, allowing for dynamic expression.

The keyboard offers a variety of built-in instrument tones, including pianos, organs, strings, and more. These tones allow you to experiment with different sounds and styles.

The CTK-2550 includes built-in rhythms, such as rock, jazz, Latin, and more. These rhythms provide accompaniment patterns that can be used while playing, making your performance sound more complete.

This keyboard features a lesson function that allows beginners to learn and practice at their own pace. It includes a Step-Up Lesson system that breaks down songs into smaller sections for easier learning

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