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Casio Electronic Keyboard SA-46

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The Casio SA-46 is a compact and portable electronic keyboard designed for beginners, particularly young children who are just starting their musical journey. It offers a range of features suitable for learning and exploring music. Here are the key details about the Casio SA-46:

The SA-46 features 32 mini-size keys, which are smaller and more suitable for young children or those with smaller hands. The keys are not touch-sensitive, meaning the volume and sound do not change based on how hard or soft you press the keys.

It comes with a selection of built-in instrument tones, including pianos, organs, guitars, and more. While the sound library is limited compared to larger keyboards, it provides enough variety for beginners to experiment with different sounds.

The SA-46 includes a melody guide function that helps beginners play pre-programmed songs by lighting up the keys to indicate the correct notes. This feature is particularly useful for children who are learning to play simple melodies.

The keyboard offers a few basic sound effects, such as sustain and vibrato. These effects can be used to add variety and expression to your playing.

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