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The Casio SA-47 is a compact electronic keyboard designed for beginners, particularly children, to introduce them to the world of music. It offers basic features and a simplified layout. Here are the key features of the Casio SA-47:

The SA-47 features a mini keyboard with 32 mini-size keys. These keys are smaller in size compared to standard keys, making it easier for children to play and handle.

The keyboard offers a selection of 100 built-in instrument tones, including pianos, organs, guitars, drums, and more. These tones allow beginners to explore different sounds and experiment with musical ideas.

The SA-47 includes a melody guide function that helps beginners learn and play simple melodies by lighting up the keys they should press. It provides a visual aid to assist in learning basic songs.

keyboard provides 50 built-in rhythms, including various musical styles such as rock, pop, jazz, and more. These rhythms provide automatic accompaniment patterns that can be played along with the melodies.

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