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Casio Electronic Keyboard – (SA-77)

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The SA-77 features 44 mini-size keys, which are smaller and more suitable for younger players or those with smaller hands. The keys are not touch-sensitive, meaning the volume and sound do not change based on how hard or soft you press the keys.

It comes with a variety of built-in instrument tones, including pianos, organs, strings, and more. The keyboard offers a limited selection of sounds compared to larger keyboards, but it still provides enough variety for beginners to experiment with different sounds.

The SA-77 includes 100 built-in rhythms and accompaniment patterns. These allow you to play along with a backing band in various musical styles, creating a more complete and engaging musical experience.

The keyboard offers a simple lesson function that helps beginners learn how to play. It includes a melody-off feature that allows you to practice playing melodies by yourself while the keyboard provides accompaniment.

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