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The Cherub DP-960 Mute Drum Tutor is a specific model designed for drummers to practice with reduced volume.

Mute Drum Tutor: The DP-960 is designed to provide a muted drumming experience, allowing drummers to practice without producing excessive noise. This makes it suitable for practicing in apartments, shared spaces, or situations where a quieter practice is desired.

The drum pad surface of the DP-960 is typically made of a rubber or similar material that provides a responsive rebound, simulating the feel of playing on a drumhead. This allows drummers to maintain a natural playing experience while practicing.

The DP-960 may feature adjustable tension on the drum pad, allowing drummers to customize the feel and response of the pad to their liking.

The DP-960 is usually designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up for practice sessions anywhere.

The package for the Cherub DP-960 Mute Drum Tutor may include additional accessories such as drumsticks or a carrying bag for convenience.


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