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The Cherub DT-20 is a specific model of digital tuner designed for various instruments, including guitars, basses, violins, and more.

The DT-20 offers chromatic tuning, meaning it can detect and display the pitch of any note in the chromatic scale, allowing you to tune to any desired note.

The tuner typically features a digital display that shows the note name and the detected pitch, making it easy to see if you are in tune or need to make adjustments.

The DT-20 often provides different tuning modes, including modes specific to different instruments, such as guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele. This allows you to select the appropriate mode for your instrument to ensure accurate tuning.

The tuner usually includes calibration settings, which allow you to adjust the reference pitch or frequency to match your desired tuning standard. Some models also offer the ability to tune to flat or alternative tunings.

The DT-20 is typically designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in your gig bag or pocket.

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