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Cherub Mute Drum Pad DP-850

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The DP-850 features a digital interface that allows you to access a variety of sounds and functions. It may include a display screen and control buttons for navigating the menu and adjusting settings.

This practice pad typically offers a range of built-in sounds and drum kits. It allows you to play along with different drum sounds and experiment with various styles and genres.

The DP-850 may include various practice tools to help improve your skills. These tools can include metronome functions with adjustable tempo, rhythm patterns, and even recording and playback features for self-assessment.

Some models of the DP-850 may have connectivity options such as MIDI, USB, or audio output. This enables you to connect the practice pad to other devices, such as computers, MIDI controllers, or headphones, for expanded functionality or silent practice.

The Cherub DP-850 package often includes additional accessories like drumsticks and a carrying bag. This makes it convenient for storage and transportation.

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