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Cherub WTB-004 Sustain Pedal

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The Cherub WST-550VM Violin & Mandolin Mate Tuner is a specific model of tuner designed specifically for violins and mandolins. It is designed to assist violin and mandolin players in tuning their instruments accurately.

The WST-550VM is designed specifically for violins and mandolins, providing tuning modes and reference pitches tailored to these instruments. This allows for accurate and precise tuning.

The tuner typically features a clip-on design that attaches to the headstock of the violin or mandolin. The clip-on sensor picks up the vibrations from the instrument, allowing for accurate detection of the pitch.

The tuner usually features a digital display that shows the note name and pitch. This allows you to visually see if you are in tune or need to make adjustments.

The WST-550VM often offers chromatic tuning capabilities, allowing you to tune to any note within the chromatic scale. This can be useful if you need to tune to alternate tunings or non-standard pitches.

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