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Classic 5A Active grip Stick TX5AW-AG

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The Classic 5A Active grip Stick TX5AW-AG is a specific type of drumstick designed for drummers.

This indicates that the drumstick follows a traditional design and shape commonly used by drummers. It suggests that the stick has a familiar and timeless feel.

The “5A” designation refers to the size and weight of the drumstick. Drumsticks are classified into different sizes, with the numbering system ranging from 7A (thinner and lighter) to 5B (thicker and heavier). The 5A size is a popular choice for drummers, offering a balance between weight and maneuverability.

The “Active grip” feature denotes a special type of coating or texture applied to the drumstick handle. This coating is designed to enhance grip and prevent slippage during performances, even when the drummer’s hands become sweaty.

This is the specific model or product code for the drumstick. The “TX5AW” typically refers to the standard model of the 5A drumstick, while “AG” signifies the inclusion of the Active grip coating.

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