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Classic Guitar- Player 1 – 38PL

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The Classic Guitar- Player 1 – 38-PL is a compact and lightweight instrument designed for easy portability and effortless playing. Despite its smaller size, it delivers rich and resonant tones, making it ideal for players seeking a travel-friendly companion or beginners looking for a comfortable instrument to start their musical journey. While lacking a truss rod, this guitar is carefully constructed with high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability, allowing players to enjoy its smooth playability and expressive sound. With its convenient size and impressive performance, the 38-inch guitar without a truss rod is a versatile choice for musicians on the go.

  • Brand : Classic Guitar
  • Model : Player 1 – 38-PL
  • Color : Purple
  • Size : 38 inches
  • Comes with free bag, strap , a set of strings,picks

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