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Colourful Dry Battery 9 V

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  • Voltage: Provides a constant 9 volts.
  • Size: Rectangular shape, larger than standard batteries.
  • Terminal Configuration: Two terminals (positive and negative).
  • Alkaline Chemistry: Reliable and long-lasting power.
  • Capacity: Varies (400-600mAh+).
  • Shelf Life: Long storage life.
  • Applications: Used in various electronics.
  • Snap Connectors: Easy installation and removal.
  • Portable: Lightweight and compact.
A 9-volt dry battery is a rectangular-shaped power source that delivers a constant voltage of 9 volts. It utilizes alkaline chemistry, ensuring reliability and long-lasting performance. With two terminals (positive and negative), it offers easy connection through snap connectors. These batteries have a variable capacity ranging from 400 to 600mAh or higher, providing sufficient power for a wide range of electronic devices. With a long shelf life and portable design, they are commonly used in applications such as smoke detectors, portable radios, toys, and guitar effects pedals. Their compact size and lightweight nature make them convenient for powering various electronics on the go.

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