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Deviser L-706 Semi-Acoustic Guitar with Tuner (Black)

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The Deviser L-706 Semi-Acoustic Guitar with Tuner is a specific model offered by the Deviser brand. It is a semi-acoustic guitar designed to be played both unplugged and amplified.

The Deviser L-706 features a semi-hollow body design, which combines elements of solid-body and hollow-body guitars. It typically has a central block running through the body to reduce feedback and provide more sustain. The body is finished in black.

This guitar is equipped with pickups and electronics, allowing it to be amplified. While I couldn’t find specific details about the pickups used in the L-706 model, semi-acoustic guitars typically feature humbucker or single-coil pickups, or a combination of both. The electronics may also include controls for volume, tone, and pickup selection.

The neck of the L-706 is typically made of wood, such as mahogany or maple, offering stability and durability. The fingerboard is usually made of rosewood or another similar material, providing a smooth surface for playing.

The Deviser L-706 comes with an integrated tuner, which is a convenient feature for quickly and accurately tuning the guitar.

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