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Dream Maker DM-66 Semi Acoustic Guitar

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The Dream Maker DM-66 semi-acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument that combines elements of both an acoustic and an electric guitar. It features a hollow or semi-hollow body design, similar to an acoustic guitar, but also incorporates built-in pickups and electronics for amplification.

The hollow or semi-hollow body of a semi-acoustic guitar produces a natural resonance and a warm, rich tone when played acoustically. However, when plugged into an amplifier or PA system, the built-in pickups capture the vibrations of the strings and convert them into an electric signal, allowing the guitar to be amplified and shaped with various effects and tones.

Brand: Dream Maker
Model : DM-66
Length: 41 inch
Fingerboard and Bridge: Rosewood
Back and side :Rosewood
Finish : Matte wood
No of string : 6 String
Type – Acoustic/Semi acoustic
Hand orientation : Right handed

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