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Dream Maker Single Drum Bass Pedal – Heavy

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Dream maker heavy bass drum pedal is designed for drummers seeking enhanced power and stability. It features a sturdy construction with a durable base plate and components to withstand intense playing. The pedal’s chain or belt drive efficiently transfers energy for forceful strikes, while adjustable spring tension allows customization of the pedal’s response. With a wide footboard and stability-enhancing features, this pedal ensures secure and accurate playing. Its larger, weighty beater contributes to a deep bass drum sound. Overall, a heavy bass drum pedal provides drummers with powerful performance and reliable stability.

  • Brand: Dream maker
  • Color : Black/Silver
  • Ultra-heavy duty bass drum pedal with a single spring pendulum
  • Uses spring to transfer the stroke power right to the drum head
  • The beater angle is also adjustable
  • Chain drive
  • Made of sturdy and durable stainless steel,

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