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Dream Maker Single Drum Bass Pedal – Light

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Dream maker light bass drum pedal is a drummer’s go-to choice for achieving nimble and responsive performance. Built with lightweight materials, this pedal offers effortless control and maneuverability on the drum set. The chain or belt drive mechanism ensures smooth energy transfer, enabling drummers to deliver quick and precise strikes on the bass drum. The compact and streamlined footboard provides a comfortable and agile platform, allowing for swift and accurate footwork. With adjustable spring tension, drummers can fine-tune the pedal’s responsiveness to suit their playing style and preference, accommodating delicate nuances or dynamic playing techniques. Light pedals often feature smaller and lighter beaters, contributing to a focused and articulate bass drum sound. Despite its lightweight design, a light bass drum pedal maintains stability and durability, often incorporating non-slip spikes or rubber grips on the base plate to prevent any unwanted movement during energetic performances.

  • Brand : Dream maker
  • Net weight: 2.4 kg (5.29 lb)
  • Chain: Double chain over sprocket drive

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