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The LP261 Grenadilla Wood Clave is a specific model of percussion instrument made by Latin Percussion (LP). Claves are traditional Latin American percussion instruments that consist of two cylindrical wooden sticks that are struck together to produce a sharp, cutting sound.

The LP261 Grenadilla Wood Clave is made from grenadilla wood, which is a dense and resonant hardwood known for its rich tone. The use of grenadilla wood in the construction of the claves provides a warm and pronounced sound with excellent projection.

Claves are typically used in various styles of Latin and Afro-Cuban music, including salsa, rumba, son, and more. They are often used to keep time and add rhythmic accents in an ensemble setting. The LP261 Grenadilla Wood Clave is crafted to deliver a clear and distinct clave sound that cuts through the music.

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