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Kepma A1CE Semi Acoustic Guitar (Sunburst)

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The Kepma A1CE features a semi-acoustic design with a hollow or semi-hollow body construction. This design allows for amplified sound when connected to an amplifier and also provides acoustic sound when played unplugged.

The guitar typically has a spruce or cedar top, which contributes to its tonal qualities. The back and sides are often made from mahogany or other tonewoods known for their warm and balanced sound.

The Kepma A1CE in Sunburst finish features a classic sunburst pattern, which is a gradient from a darker color at the edges to a lighter color in the center. The sunburst finish adds a vintage and aesthetically pleasing look to the guitar.

This guitar is equipped with a built-in pickup and preamp system, allowing you to amplify the sound when connected to an amplifier or sound system. The electronics often include tone and volume controls for sound shaping and adjustment.


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