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The LP Aspire White Wood Clave (LPA165) is a percussion instrument made by Latin Percussion (LP). Claves are traditional Latin American instruments that consist of two cylindrical wooden sticks that are struck together to produce a sharp and resonant sound.

The LP Aspire White Wood Clave features a pair of wooden sticks, typically made from a high-quality hardwood. The wood used in this particular model is white in color, providing an aesthetic appeal. The claves are designed to be held in one hand and struck together to create rhythmic patterns and accents.

Claves are widely used in Latin, Afro-Cuban, and other genres of music. They are often used to keep time, establish a rhythmic foundation, or provide syncopated accents in an ensemble setting. The LP Aspire White Wood Clave offers a classic and authentic sound that cuts through the music with clarity.

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