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The LP Cajon Pedal Enhancers (LP-CBSE-PK) are an accessory designed to enhance the performance of a Cajon pedal. A Cajon is a percussion instrument that resembles a box or crate and is played by slapping or tapping its front surface with the hands or other implements.

The LP Cajon Pedal Enhancers are specifically designed to provide additional control and versatility when playing a Cajon with a pedal. They consist of two pedal attachments that can be easily mounted onto a Cajon pedal. These attachments feature a soft foam beater and a dual-pedal surface.

The soft foam beater provides a cushioned strike surface, allowing for a softer and more controlled sound when playing the Cajon. It helps to reduce the impact and volume produced by the pedal, making it suitable for acoustic or low-volume performances.


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