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The LP Click Hi-Hat Tambourine (LP193) is a percussion accessory designed to add a tambourine sound to your hi-hat setup. It attaches to your hi-hat stand and produces a bright, jingling sound when struck or when the hi-hat pedal is pressed.

The LP Click Hi-Hat Tambourine features a sturdy construction with a durable plastic frame and stainless steel jingles. It securely clamps onto the hi-hat rod or stand using an adjustable mounting bracket. This ensures that the tambourine stays in place during your performance, even during vigorous playing.

The tambourine itself is equipped with a row of eight pairs of jingles, which create a lively and vibrant sound when activated. The jingles produce a crisp and cutting tone that adds a tambourine-like shimmer to your hi-hat sound. They respond to your hi-hat foot pedal or can be played by striking the tambourine directly with a drumstick or hand.

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