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The Latin Percussion LPCPB1 Complete Foot-Cowbell Setup is a percussion accessory that allows drummers and percussionists to add cowbell sounds to their playing using their foot. It is designed to be used with a standard drum pedal, offering a hands-free way to incorporate cowbell rhythms into your performances.

The LPCPB1 Complete Foot-Cowbell Setup includes a cowbell bracket and a pedal mount. The cowbell bracket is a sturdy metal arm that holds the cowbell securely in place. It can be adjusted to position the cowbell at the desired height and angle for comfortable playing.

The pedal mount attaches the cowbell bracket to a standard bass drum pedal. It is designed to fit most common pedal models and provides a secure connection between the pedal and cowbell bracket. This allows the drummer or percussionist to trigger the cowbell sound by using their foot to operate the bass drum pedal.

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